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Added/UpdatedSolicitation Title
11/21/18Digital Video Measurement System
Scope: Provide digital video measurement system.
Scope: Chemicals to be used at the water treatment plant and the wastewater treatment plant.
11/21/18Fire Damage Renovations and Related Work
Scope: Fire damage renovations and related work.
11/21/18EPO System Demolition
Scope: EPO System Demolition.
11/21/18TNC Chiller Replacement
Scope: Chiller replacement.
11/20/18Four Lane Resurfacing Project
Scope: Four lane resurfacing project.
11/20/18Professional Engineering Services To Review and Assess the City's Sugar Creek Water Treatment Plant
Scope: Engineering services to review and assess the city's sugar creek water treatment plant and the raw water supply wells and to develop a capital improvement plan.
11/20/18150,000 Gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank
Scope: 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank.
11/20/18Flex EMS Implementation Project
Scope: Successful Offeror shall develop and conduct ten (10) in-person Emergency Medical Service (EMS) continuing education (CE) courses at various settings across Ohio focused on rural issues. EMS instructor must possess an active EMS certificate to practi...
11/20/18RFP - Professional Property Management Services
Scope: Professional property management company to manage, maintain and operate one (1) Low-In come housing tax credit (LIHTC) property.
11/20/18RFP - Permanent Financing - Arden Park
Scope: Permanent financing terms for Arden park.
11/20/18RFP - Managed Web Application Services
Scope: Provide managed web application services. Furnish all of the labor, services, and training for the timely and proper completion of implementing managed web application services.
11/20/18ITB - Purchase of Desktop and Laptop Computers, Including Imaging and Installation Services
Scope: Purchase of desktop and laptop computers, including imaging and installation services.
11/20/18Way - Var Wooster Streets FY19 Resurfacing Project
Scope: Project description: Pavement planing and resurfacing of approx 44,435 SY of asphalt concrete pavement.
11/20/18Print Services- Press Room Supplies
Scope: Press room supplies.
11/20/18Print Services- Printed Tags With Elastic String
Scope: Printed tags with elastic string.
11/20/18Facility Security Risk Assessment Consulting Services
Scope: Eeking a board certified, independent and non-product affiliated security consulting firm credentialed through the american society for industrial security international (asis) to perform a security risk assessment of all department facilities and pr...
11/20/18Drwp-2018- Citric Acid
Scope: Citric acid, 50% solution nsf, 55 gal drum.
11/20/18FCS Sounding Equipment - Replacement
Scope: Fcs sounding equipment - replacement.
11/20/18Adult Sports-Parking Blocks
Scope: 6'&10' Parking Block.

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